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Readiness to Change

When it comes to your health, what moves you from thought to action? You might occasionally think, “I could eat better”, or “I should exercise more”, but what finally prompts you to make a change? 

For some of us, it’s an unbecoming photo. It might be realizing that you just don’t feel your best. Or perhaps a health scare finally convinces you to make a change.  Whatever the case, it’s important to recognize that lasting lifestyle change – the kind that promotes good health -- is often a slow process that requires understanding, motivation, patience and support.

Our Health Coaches provide you with just that.  Once you and your Health Coach meet, you’ll begin by assessing your current state of health.  You’ll examine how your daily habits and patterns affect your health status.  You’ll work together to determine areas for improvement.  Your Coach can help you uncover deeper motivation to change and support you as you learn new paths to a healthier you.  Where you start depends on your readiness to change.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re just thinking about it or are ready to get going right away; your Health Coach will meet you where you are.  

You can connect with a Health Coach by phone or some employer groups provide the opportunity to meet with a Health Coach at your workplace.

Stages of Change Model
Stage Definition Potential Change Strategies
Precontemplation Individual has no intention of taking action within the next six months Health Coach helps to increase awareness of need for change; personalize information about risks and benefits
Contemplation Individual intends to take action in the next six months Health Coach helps to motivate; encourage making specific plans
Preparation Individual intends to take action within the next thirty
days and has taken some behavioral steps in this direction
Health Coach assists with developing and implementing
concrete action plans; helps set gradual goals
Action Individual has changed behavior for less than six months Health Coach assists with feedback, problem solving, social support, and reinforcement
Maintenance Individual has changed behavior for more than six months Health Coach assists with coping, reminders, finding alternatives, avoiding slips/relapses (as applicable)