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Health Coaching

HealthSpan’s Health Coaches are either Registered Nurses or Health Educators. They work with individuals to inspire healthy living, wellness and wellbeing. Matched with a member, the Health Coach serves as a partner in accountability and a source of support for members working toward personal wellness goals.

Health Coaches keep your information completely confidential. Even though this program may be paid for by an employer, we will not release your name or confidential information to them.

Your Health Coach offers:

  • A partner that is supportive, understanding, non-judgmental and responsive.
  • Learning in a format that works best for you.
  • Encouragement for meaningful lifestyle change.
  • Help with lowering your risk of chronic disease by addressing risk factors that you can change now like a sedentary lifestyle, obesity or weight issues, smoking and tobacco use, high stress and poor nutrition.
  • Tips and Tools like Self-Assessments, how-to guides on starting a fitness program, links and more.
  • If you already have a serious, chronic health condition, the Health Coach can teach you ways to deal with and/or understand your condition better.
  • Questions about your treatment(s), knowing what questions to ask your doctor or other health providers.
  • Training in groups or one-on-one for things like How to Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Managing Cholesterol or how to read food labels.

Sessions with our Health Coaches take place over the phone, or some employers also offer access at your worksite.