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EAP Self Assessments


Depression is a common but serious illness.  it interferes with daily life and causes pain for both you and those who care about you.  For signs and symptoms click here.  Complete the depression checklist to determine whether you might be experiencing some level of depression. Click here for a depression checklist.


Anxiety Disorders are frequently seen in adults and children and are identified when a person avoids activities because they are filled with fear and uncertainty.  Anxiety can be mild and situational. However, it can be more severe and is identified as an anxiety disorder when the symptoms last at least six months.  Sometimes symptoms can get worse if they are not treated.  Anxiety disorders commonly occur along with other mental or physical illnesses.  Complete the anxiety checklist to see if you are experiencing a higher-than-normal level of anxiety. Click here for an anxiety checklist. (For more information:

Marital Issues

Martial distress is a common problem people bring to the EAP. To see if your relationship may need the help of a mental health clinician, take our survey. Click here for a marital survey.


Stress is inevitable for many of us. However, when stress peaks, the body begins to respond physically to manage it. The body’s autonomic processes take over and we experience “fight or flight” where our stress hormones are released (adrenaline and cortisol). Over time, stress can affect us negatively, both physically and mentally. It wears the body down over time. Complete the stress checklist to see if you are experiencing a higher-than-normal level of stress. Click here for a stress checklist.